From waste to value: product managers as activists

“Change the tool and you can change the world.” “You all live aboard a spaceship called earth.” — Buckminster Fuller Waste is a difficult concept as it is complex and subjective. In product management, especially with the emphasis on lean management and agile development, waste mainly refers to … [Read more...]

Product management: from meaning to product design and adoption

“If we can discover the meaning in the trilling of a frog, perhaps we may understand why it is for us not merely noise but a song of poetry and emotion.” — Adrian Forsyth Lets face it, we are meaning-making machines! We structure, navigate, perceive and interact with our environment and … [Read more...]

What drives technology?

"Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge." — Plato Technology is an instrument for achieving human goals. No doubt the creation of the earliest documented stone tools were driven by the need for survival and better living conditions. Egyptian pyramids and great … [Read more...]

Technology Management: A Brief Introduction

[Originally from the Kitetail Blog] Using Prezi, I put together a brief introduction to Technology Management: Introducing Technology Management. The concept of technology goes back to ancient Greeks: online etymology dictionary states technologia as its origins: techné: meaning belonging to … [Read more...]

Factors that Lead to Successful Development of New Products

[Originally from the Kitetail Blog] In 2002, I conducted a research study on the topic of "Innovation Management in Multi-Divisional Firms: Factors that Lead to Successful Development of New Products" as part of my Management of Technology (MOT) program. I analyzed the new product development … [Read more...]

Innovation and Profitability Equation

[Originally from the Kitetail Blog] Profitability Equation The profitability equation is quite simple: when a firm’s revenue from selling its product or service is greater than the cost of offering it, it is concluded that the firm is profitable on that given offering. Profits = Revenues – … [Read more...]