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Collection of Frameworks and Processes for Product and Technology Management

There are numerous frameworks, processes and tools that are used in the domain of product and technology management. These are just a small subset which are applicable as a background to my articles. Porter's Five Forces and STEEP forces Porter's Generic Value Chain Value Delivery … [Read more...]

Recognize Technology Expectation Gaps

[Originally from the Kitetail Blog] Statistically, the successful launch of new products are rare, as there are many challenges to overcome. The successful development of new products incorporating new technologies is even more challenging. Execution matters for success, and is all the more … [Read more...]

Technology Management: A Brief Introduction

[Originally from the Kitetail Blog] Using Prezi, I put together a brief introduction to Technology Management: Introducing Technology Management. The concept of technology goes back to ancient Greeks: online etymology dictionary states technologia as its origins: techné: meaning belonging to … [Read more...]

Factors that Lead to Successful Development of New Products

[Originally from the Kitetail Blog] In 2002, I conducted a research study on the topic of "Innovation Management in Multi-Divisional Firms: Factors that Lead to Successful Development of New Products" as part of my Management of Technology (MOT) program. I analyzed the new product development … [Read more...]

Innovation and Profitability Equation

[Originally from the Kitetail Blog] Profitability Equation The profitability equation is quite simple: when a firm’s revenue from selling its product or service is greater than the cost of offering it, it is concluded that the firm is profitable on that given offering. Profits = Revenues – … [Read more...]