Technology is inherently difficult to manage with its ever changing and unpredictable nature. These pages capture my thoughts on technology as change: its creation, application, dissemination and impact with emphasis on human values.

My background is in Management of Technology and my passion is shaping technologies into great products. I recently started to study philosophy of technology for insights on challenges of directing and shaping our technology creations: from definition to design and evolution.

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About Me — Binnur Al—Kazily

As a technology product manager, I enjoy exploring topics involving technology management and high-tech product development. However, my interests also include design, culture, complex systems, sustainability and Zen Buddhist teachings. I enjoy solving complex problems and working on challenges that stretch my abilities.

I am a life-long learner, who has been through several technology life-cycles. I know it is not just about the technology, but delivering value to the customer and the business. With that, I am thriving for an interdisciplinary approach to see how we can redefine, reshape and rebuild our existing frameworks for technology management and high-tech product development to champion human values. For more information, please read “Decomposing technology’s relationship with society“.

Originally from Turkey, I am an avid traveler and enjoy working globally, across cultures.

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